run our mail centre south of England

Couple running a licenced mailbox business in South of England

in just 3 hours a day, from home

with no expensive high-street premises, stock or staffing costs

Over the last two years we have firmly established a network of six Mail Centres across the UK,  serving thousands of customers with virtual addresses, mail forwarding and scanning from Centres in the South West,  the Midlands and the Home Counties of England;  plus Scotland,  Wales and Northern Ireland  ( with Dublin being added to the network early in 2020 ).

. . .we are now inviting applications for our South of England territory

Should you decide to pursue an enquiry we will,  of course,  put you in touch with all of our existing licensees!

Despite the size of its protected territory,  the expost South of England Mail Centre can be managed easily by a single owner operator,  working a maximum of 15 hours per week in year one,  with dedicated workspace of around 220 square feet,  about the same as a double bedroom or garage.

( follow the licence overview link above to find out how much space and time you would need to dedicate )

Pound coins illustrating the South of England Mail Centre licence set up costs and cashflow

low cost & positive cashflow

with a 100% return on your investment in the first year

Our South of England Licence enjoys exclusivity across all of the southern counties,  including Hampshire,  Devon,  Plymouth, Exeter and Dorset.   With a total set-up cost of just £14,000 plus VAT,  this extensive territory has a projected ROI within twelve months,  and will have generated six figure earnings midway through year three.

Happy Licensee couple

from our licensees

Our six active Mail Centres have been trading for two years. . .  and we promised each Licensee,  at the outset,  that we wouldn't launch the final three locations until they were each achieving their own Centre's projected revenue figures.   That point was reached,  and exceeded,  back in July.

You don't have to take our word for the profitability and potential of this opportunity.   Once we are sure that your enquiry is serious and genuine,  we'll give you the contact details for each of our existing Licensees,  who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have,  from their own perspective.   In the meantime,  this is what they have to say about expost:

Greg,  the Midlands:

I'd been running our very successful family business in Telford since my father retired to Spain and became a customer of expatpost,  as a direct result of which he came across the Licence opportunity.   After travelling down to Pembrokeshire to see the original Mail Centre in operation,  we made the decision immediately,  and have not looked back at all.

Support,  both for us and our customers,  has been superb,  sales just keep rollng in and accumulating.   It's almost two years now and we are way ahead of even our most optimistic expectations!   If the trip to West Wales for an experience day is daunting,  we'd me more than happy for you to visit us here in Telford and see the business working first-hand.   :o)

Chris & Tina, South East:

We were only the second regional Mail Centre to open and we were naturally sceptical about the earning and profit projections,   but we really needn't have worried.   The income has exceeded those original projections by a long way,  the system is constantly improving,  and we've been the best performing Mail Centre for three of the last four months!

I'd be delighted to chat to you informally,  and very openly,  if you decide to take your interest to the next stage.   We did,  and we certainly don't regret the decision.   Tina in St Neots.

Keith,  South Wales:

I was lucky enough to find out about Expost by accident.   My son has a courier business and had been delivering to expost's Head Office for some time when,  one day,  it was mentioned that they planned to franchise.   My son knew I was looking for something to run alongside my existing business and so gave me their details.

After spending time with expost in Pembrokeshire and much careful consideration,  I became the first Licensee,  back in September of 2017.   Despite being the 'guinea pig' for all future Mail Centres,  I got my investment back in the first year and business just continues to grow.   I can't speak highly enough of the support myself and my clients get from the staff at expost.

Emma,  Pembrokeshire:

Although I'm not a Licencee,  I joined the company as a contractor six years ago and have managed the original Mail Centre as an independent,  stand alone,  business throughout the whole of its development.

Although we stopped selling new accounts when the first Licence was launched,  in Swansea,  we maintain some of our existing customers because the lessons they teach us are invaluable.   If you decide to visit Philbeach House for an experience day,  I can show you around  ( and show off )  my mailroom.   I'll also be your primary trainer!

Licensee live support operator for the expost South of England Mail Centre

we provide all of your sales

and live support to your customers, six days a week

Freeing our Mail Centre owners from the burden of these absolutely essential,  but labour intensive,  time consuming and costly business functions means that each is able to concentrate on delivering the quality of service that our customers have come to expect,  and that will continue to drive growth across our entire national network of expost regional Centres.

To see how well we are doing, click here to read our customer reviews on Trustpilot!

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Secure credit cards illustrating online payments

instant on-line payments

plus real time management reports and accounts

We provide central merchant facilities for all major debit or credit cards,  and Paypal,  allowing your Mail Centre revenues to be reconciled instantly and transferred directly into your bank at the end of each month;  whilst creating and maintaining real time management reports.

( follow the link above to read our financials section, and more about payment reconciliation )


Simple, profitable home business opportunity in the South of England

you supply the postal address

then physically process and manage your customers' mail

Other than a working familiarity with PCs,  no specialist skills or experience in logistics is necessary because our proprietary software makes the day-to-day handling of mail simple and straightforward.   Your premises,  however;   its location,  postal address and ease of access for deliveries are all crucially important factors!

( discover more about the mail centre address and premises on the licence overview link )


A home business for female licensees in the Southern counties of England

perfect for female licensees

with none of the risks arising from customer contact

Despite it potentially serving one of the largest customer bases of any Centre in the network, the South of England Licence can be entirely managed from home,  with no travelling,  and limited,  flexible hours,  making it an ideal business opportunity for women,  even those with a young family at home.


Retired or disabled licence holder

or as a retirement business

ideal, by design, for people with restricted physicality

Running an expost Mail Centre requires minimal physical effort and all of our mailsort furniture is designed to be useable from standard wheelchair height.   Licensee support is also available by live text chat and email for those with impaired hearing.

( why not call our development team for an informal chat on 0333 789 0011 )